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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bike Capris Arrived in the Mail

My bike capris are here; woohoo!  I ordered them from aerotechdesigns.com
 They were one of the only places that sold plus sized padded bike capris, so I took a chance and ordered them. I only wanted one pair but one pair didn't come with free shipping, and by the time I would have paid for shipping I figured it would be a better deal to get two pairs with free shipping.
padded bike shorts, plus sized
 I had no idea that the material would feel like bathing suit material or I would not have ordered. They feel quite hot on.  I tried them on and they fit OK  but they don't breathe at all and I couldn't wait to take them off. I also hated the feel of the padding but I'm sure it will be helpful when riding.  I'll just have to use them on cooler days, when it's around 70 or 80 instead of 95-100 F, like today.
 You can see a close up of the padding. I hope it will help so that I can ride further/longer without severe pain or chafing.
 As an added bonus, they sent a cute bike keychain.  I put it up against my 1:24 scale pet shop to see scale; I think it works as a children's bike.
I think I will much prefer the gel saddle cover, as that is what I've always used, and loved, in the past.  I probably jumped the gun by ordering these, but they'll be OK in colder weather, in spring and fall I can wear them under my pants.

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