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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Honest Neighbors and Canada Post Inefficiency plus Miniature Bar Kit

This morning my dog barked again to announce another man at the door with a parcel.  This time it was my miniature DIY bar kit, which had been delivered to his house by mistake by a Canada Post Parcel delivery guy.
The man apologized as he handed me the parcel and said his daughter had opened it.
 He wasn't kidding.  She had opened it with a knife or a pair of scissors and cut right through both the exterior box and the interior one.  He was elderly, so I highly doubt that his daughter was young enough not to know better than to open someone else's parcel.

Maybe she didn't bother to look at the name and address on the parcel and just opened it?  I don't know, I didn't ask.  I just thanked the man profusely for being kind enough to go out of his way to deliver it for me. 

I did ask what address they delivered it to, and he said 328.  Mine is 379.  I could understand if the delivery guy had accidentally brought it to 397, reversing the last two numbers, but how could he mistake 328 for 379?  This parcel was ordered over 3 months ago and this was the second time the poor seller sent it out, after the first one was lost in the mail.  Had it not been for the kindness of the elderly man, this one would have been "lost" too.
 The interior box was damaged and also opened. 
 They had taped it shut again. 
 I opened it, very worried that the items had been damaged.
 I was also worried that items may have gone missing since the man's daughter had opened it.
 Thankfully, nothing was damaged and it looks like all of the bags and pieces are there.  Hopefully she didn't open any of the interior bags because it is easy to lose the tiny pieces.
 Like the parcel I received yesterday, it was in the smaller, cheaper box, but I don't care as long as the interior stuff is the same quality as the first kit I did (the pet shop kit).
Another weird thing, when I googled the address the parcel had been accidentally delivered to, I discovered it was the home my family lived in when I was a baby, up until I was almost 5 years old!  What a coincidence, lol. I"m going to buy a thank you card for the man and bring it by, if not later today, then tomorrrow.

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