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Friday, July 15, 2016

Bike Ride 2 and Hilarious Products

So, yesterday morning (after I woke up all through the night hoping it was time to get up so I could ride my bike again, lol) I went for my second ride.

Route 2
 It was cloudy and overcast and calling for rain, but I decided to get out and get a quick bike ride in before the rain started.

 I had only gone about half an hour before I had to stop and sit on a nice, flat bench.  The bike seat was hurting a certain delicate area way too much, lol.
Love my Coral Townie by Electra
 I just sat long enough to drink some water and snap a few photos, and then went off again.  While cycling I noticed some yellow designs painted on the pavement in front of the drainage grates.
Is that a fish painted on the pavement?
 As I got closer, I asked myself, "Is that a fish, painted on the pavement?"  I got closer and discovered, yes, it was a fish. 
 These fish were painted below every drainage grate for several blocks.  I have no idea why, unless maybe those grates lead to an underground creek with fish, lol?  I took some photos.  It was a fun discovery.
 After about 45 minutes the sky started filling with even more black clouds, blowing in from the North.  To the SouthWest, the sun was peaking through, but to the North and East, it was black and dark and it felt like rain was imminent so I decided I'd better start heading for home.
 Along the way I passed this intriguing side street that I'd never turned down while in my car.  It had a small woodlot to the right, and houses to the left.  I decided to take a quick detour to see where it led and hoped the rain would hold off.
Intriguing side street
 I was really taking a chance, as you can see from the photo below, showing the sky above the woodlot, lol.
Rain clouds
 The road led to the worst potholes and road eruptions I've ever seen.  I tried to get pictures but they don't do the huge...whatever they're called, justice.  There was a small mountain range of pavement that had been folded upward, likely due to the cold winters we have.  At some points the pavement was jutting up twice as high as the curb.
Pot holes and pavement upthrusts
 I'm glad I explored the street, bad pavement aside, because it led to this nice walkway.  I absolutely love when I find paths that cut through fields, and this one was paved.
Nice walkway
 I snapped a few shots of my pretty coral bike before exploring where the path led.
Love my Townie!

The path led from Maxanne Place (the street with the awful road conditions), to Laura Street. 
Between the clouds and the pain from my seat, I decided I'd better head home, for sure this time.  So I did.

So, that was my second bike ride in years. I really enjoyed it, despite the pain. It reminds me so much of being a little girl on my banana seat bike, exploring the neighbourhoods around me for the fist time, either alone or with my friends, Laurie and Maria. I have not felt this sense of freedom and fun for years. 

When I got home I discovered I'd only been gone an hour, and had done 2.24 miles (3.6km); far less than the night before, but it couldn't be helped. It started pouring and thundering within minutes of my putting my Townie in the garage, so I made it home just in time.

I was really hurting in a very embarrassing area, from chafing and heat and not being used to a bike seat, and I guess my weight didn't help matters. 

I was chatting with my friend later and she said I should get an anti friction cream and padded bike shorts, so I googled the former and cracked up laughing when I saw the results. There actually IS something that is made for female bike riders who have this problem; it's called, seriously, lol, "Hoo-ha Ride Glide".  I just about died laughing.  When I told my friend she couldn't believe it either.  In case you don't believe me, here's a link: solution to embarrasing bike seat problem.

Since Amazon is very helpful, they also suggested related products with even funnier, but cruder names that I won't repeat here.  You can check it out yourself if you're curious.

Since I am plus sized, I was worried about finding padded bike clothing to fit me, but I found some padded capris and ordered two pairs.  You can check them out here if you, like me, need larger sizes:
Where to buy plus sized bike clothes.   I'll let you know how they work when they arrive.

My friend and I met up for a coffee (for her) and a salad (for me) later, and I was so enthusiastic about my new bike that she wants one too, so afterward I took her to the bike shop and showed them to her.  The kids who sold mine to me (Joel and Steph) were surprised to see me back again, and when I told them I'd already biked for over 2 hours they were enthusiastic in their praise.  They let Nancy test drive a Townie and she really liked it.  She's short, like me (I'm 5'4), and she loved that the Townie's let her sit on the seat and still keep her feet on the ground.  My cousin Clare also wants a Townie too now, lol.  I should get a commission on the sales if they buy.

Anyway, that's it for my bike adventures to date.  I won't be riding today because I am going to wait until my padded capris arrive, or I heal; whichever comes first, lol.  Mac has been missing his strolls so I'll be pushing him in his stroller today instead.  Thankfully it's cooler than it was, and not raining right now.

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