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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Miniature Gift Bag Room Box

Gift Bag Room Box
 I made this gift bag room box for my Uncle Buck's 85th birthday, yesterday.  It took me over 7 hours of non stop work but I had a blast making it and only wish I would have thought of making it earlier so I would have had more time to work on it.
Room box in a gift bag
 I cut a window out of the gift bag and added some bias tape around the edges.  I wanted to use ribbon but my Mom put my box of ribbons somewhere and I can't find them.
 I made the interior walls, roof, and floor out of foam core, left over from my bake shop.  The wall paper and flooring is contact paper, from the dollar store. 
 I resized a photo of my uncle Buck and his late wife, Cobie, for the wall, and used scotch tape to attach it to a piece of wood.  The tape kind of looks like glass in real life.

Buck wanted cake, pizza, and KFC, so I recreated that in mini, using polymer clay.  I made the cake big because the real cake was huge, big enough to serve 20 people with lots of left overs.  I also put in a cheese and cracker tray with a bowl of olives, and some bead vases.  The pizza box and chicken bucket are printies.
 My uncle loves Frank Sinatra and has all of his albums so I rezised an album cover and printed it out, and glued on a backing so it's like an envelope.  I even cut out a little disc to put inside but didn't have time to paint it black.
 The furniture was from the dollar tree.  I wish I would have had time to paint it.
Uncle Buck really loved his gift, and so did everyone else.
I will definitely make another one one day.

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