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I also love walking, taking digital photos, and most recently, have rediscovered an old love...bike riding! I purchased an amazing new bike, a comfy Townie by Electra this summer, and have been having a grand time exploring the area as though for the first time. It's like being a kid again!

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bike Ride 25

 This ride was one of my favorite rides of the autumn.  It was a gorgeous day, not boiling hot, for once, and the leaves were brilliant hues of reds, oranges, golds, and yellows.   The air was crisp and clear and the sky was a vivid blue with big fluffy cumulus clouds.  My favorite kind of day, and perfect for bike riding!
 I stopped often to take photos of trees and clouds, as you can see. 

 There's my shadow, lol.  Too funny!  I was wearing a big sweater and the sleeves were huge; looks like I had wings.
 I love these little flood prevention creeks because they're little oasis' of green in the city.  It's hard to capture how high the water was so I blew up the photo below so you can see.
 The water was rushing over the tiny drop rapidly, making a pretty little waterfall. If it hadn't been so late, I would have stopped there to read for awhile; the water made such a pleasing sound.

 The end of Wallace Terrace, near Allenside Road was so pretty,  with green fields and colorful trees in the distance.
 I took Second Line on my way back and the traffic was OK at first, but got increasingly worse the closer I came to Goulais Avenue.

 I passed this little creek, above, and stopped to watch it for a bit. I've never noticed this creek while driving in my truck.  It's so nice that bike riding lets me see things I would otherwise miss.
I did almost 10 and a half kilometers that day and find that's a perfect ride length for me. I feel good at the end, not exhausted.

I really miss going for my bike rides, and can't wait until my exercise bike arrives.  I've found so many lovely videos on Youtube so I can do virtual bike rides all winter long!

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