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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hand Feeding Chickadees!

I love feeding the birds and have 3 feeders that I fill all winter long.  I don't stop until the snow is gone and the grass and buds are growing in spring. 

Cute chickadee eating seeds out of my  hand

 My friend Al knows this and invited me to feed the chickadees with him on Whitefish Island a few weeks ago. I thought I had blogged about it and didn't realize until today that I hadn't.  I had such a great time!

At first, the chickadees were shy with me and they preferred Albert.  He told me it's because he was holding the food bag, lol.  I think it was because I kept squealing, "OMG, they're sooooo cute!" and was scaring them away from me.  When I finally shut up, they came to me. It was like a dream!

Me hand feeding a chickadee

Albert offered to take a few photos of me feeding the birds with my camera, so I finally have some decent pictures of myself, lol. 

Me feeding the chickadees.
OK, this pic is more humorous than decent, lol. 

Albert feeding the chickadees
 I snapped lots of photos of Al feeding them, but my good camera was stolen and the cheap one I bought to replace it is very slow between shots so I missed the photos of the birds sitting on his hat.
Albert with two birds in the palm of his hand
Me feeding the chickadees
There was only a bit of snow that day, but we have a ton now; over a foot and a half fell overnight.  We had whiteout conditions last night, and today is a snow day here in town; everything but the Walmart is closed.
Hand feeding the chickadees
 The chickadees were so sweet!  At one point, I had 3 on my hand, and two on my arm, lining up.  They were very patient and took turns. Then a few minutes later two new chickadees landed and started fighting, in my hand.  It was so cute, lol.

 We stayed for quite awhile, but had to leave just as the sun was starting to set.  There are no lights on Whitefish Island so we had to cross over the little bridge back to the Locks .
Albert on the trail, Whitefish Island.
 I rode my bike quite a bit on Whitefish Island this summer and fall, so it was nice to visit in winter. I'll definitely have to go back.

Leaving the Soo Locks
International Bridge

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