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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My New Exercise Bike Arrived!

I ordered an exercise bike from Walmart.ca on Dec. 3rd, and it arrived today, Dec. 7th, at 7:30 PM, after I had waited all day long and given up on it.  I was sure they wouldn't deliver after 6 and thought it would come tomorrow instead, so it was a pleasant surprise.

 The box was huge but it wasn't too difficult to move because I was able to slide it on the floor.
 Everything was packaged nicely, and nothing was damaged.
 I took all of the pieces out and then unwrapped them. That took a long time because they were wrapped in plastic, cardboard, and taped up tightly.
 The photos above and below show all of the parts, unwrapped.  There were so many I couldn't fit them into one photo.

 I was thrilled to discover they sent all of the tools needed, along with batteries for the computer.  The instructions were clear and easy to understand.
 It took me almost 2 hours to unpack everything and put it together to the stage show in the photo above.  I had to ask my Dad to help after that point because I needed him to hold the seat while i connected the wires.  After he did that, he finished the rest of the bike by himself while I read the instructions. He didn't need the instructions and just knew where things should go by looking at them.
Dad putting my exercise bike together
 Thanks Dad!
Dad putting the pedals on my exercise bike

 The finished bike looks great, is comfy, and feels great to ride.  I only tried it for 10 minutes because it was 11 PM after I finished cleaning up, and I have to get up early to take Benji to the vet.
I'm looking forward to going for a nice virtual ride tomorrow.

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