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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thanksgiving with family

I am so behind on my blog that I"m posting Thanksgiving pictures in December...and we have Thanksgiving in October here in Canada, lol.  Oh well.

Steve and Dad
 Steve and Shirley came in from Ottawa and stayed for the weekend.
Mom, Steve Dad

Steve, Shirley, Mom and Dad

Benji in the stroller.
 I took Benji for a walk before dinner.
Mom and DAd
 Mom and Dad were busy in the kitchen, and Mom hates having anyone else in there so there's no way to help, until later, when it's time to clean up, lol.
Mom and Dad

Steve, Buck, Carlo, and Linda
 We had turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turnips, cranberries, salad, fresh hot rolls, and I think green beans.  It was delish.
Shirley's birthday brownies
 Shirley was turning 50 the following week so my Mom surprised her with her favorite, brownies, and we all sang.
 For desert we had fresh fruit, home made pies:  apple pie, cream pie, lemon pie, plus a store bought pumpkin pie.  Shirley did not share her brownies, lol.

 Uncle Buck had a hard time because he was missing Cobie. 

 After dinner everyone was stuffed so we moved to the comfy chairs in the living room for drinks and coffee.  Dad is sitting on Benji's favorite chair, which is why it's covered with a sheet.  Ben just sat on Dad instead, lol.

Everyone had a good time and nobody wanted to leave, until finally Steve stood up and said, "I'm going to bed; get the hell out!" at 11 PM, lol.  That ended the party.

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