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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting a New Indoor Bike!

I've been missing bike riding so much now that winter is here.  Last week I almost had an opportunity to go riding, as it was warm enough, but then clouds rolled in and it started raining and rained almost every day.  Then yesterday was nice and clear but it snowed, so that's that, lol.

I found a lovely semi recumbent exercise bike on Walmart's Canadian website, for only $163.00.  It had hundreds of good reviews on Walmart's website and even more on Amazon.  There were a few negative reviews, but most were very positive.  It holds up to 300 Ibs and looks sturdy despite being a folding bike that folds up for storage.  I would have bought it but I am broke and want to save my money for Christmas gifts.  That reminded me that every year my parents buy me some nice Christmas gifts and give me money.  I decided to talk to my Dad.  He immediately handed me his credit card and told me to order it.   
Link to bike at Walmart.ca:
My new exercise bike
Not my photo, just the photo from the ad for the bike
 It's also available on Amazon.com

I'm so excited because I don't want to lose all of the fitness I gained from biking all summer and fall with my beautiful coral colored Townie.

My townie at Garson's Pond this fall.
I"m going to miss feeling the wind in my face and watching the scenery, so I've already decided to put the fan near me, and I'm going to watch virtual cycling videos on Youtube.  I've already found some.  Some are beautiful visually but have horrible music so I'll just shut off the music and play ambient nature sounds instead.   Others have natural sounds and I like those a lot better.  I'll
review the videos after I try them.

I'm so excited!  I can't wait until Dec. 9th, when the bike is estimated to be delivered to my door...with free shipping.  I just hope my parents will let me start using it right away and won't make me wait until Christmas, lol.

What are you all doing this winter?
Take care!

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