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Monday, April 18, 2016

Easiest Mini Hedges Ever

Simple mini hedge

I made something on my own with no tutorials, lol.  Yay!
I have always loved our privacy hedges.  They surround our family  home on three sides, and I have fond memories of searching  for lady bugs  in the hedges for hours on end with my best friends, Laurie and Maria, when I was a little girl.

I wondered if a hedge would look nice on my patio, to help anchor the topiary trees,  so I made a very simple one.  I used left over foam core from my bake shop, cut it so it would be 4 inches tall (4 feet tall in miniville, lol), and as long as I needed it to fit on the patio.  I cut two pieces in the size that I needed, glued them together with tacky glue, and painted them green and brown so the white wouldn't show through.
 When that was dry, I chopped up some dollar store reindeer and regular moss so it was smaller, coated the foam with tacky glue, and dipped it in the chopped moss.
 After it dried (it took all day), I cut a thick craft stick to fit along the bottom of the hedge, painted it dark brown, let it dry, and glued it to the mossy foam using a glue gun. Then I ran a bead of glue gun glue along the edges of the craft stick and added dried coffee grains to simulate dirt.  I gently pushed the grounds down so they were completely embedded in the glue.  I used the glue gun to stick the hedge with dirt bottom onto my patio and was done.  Sorry I didn't photos of steps along the way, but I was experimenting and wasn't sure how it would turn out.
Rear view of mini hedge
 Here's a view from the back.  I really regret not making a wrap around patio.  I was worried it would be too big, and as this was my first attempt at making something like this, I didn't want it to be huge in case it was awful, lol.  I also wish I would have used craft sticks or cardboard to make the window frames, instead of cardstock.  Oh well, now I'll know for next time.  I still want to add a window box to this side of the house.
Dolls enjoying outdoor patio and hedge
 Sadie is happy with the way the patio is coming along.  Rufus wants to know if I can make his hydrant look more hydrant like, lol, and Michelle is hoping to find a bird or other critter in the hedge.
Mini patio
 I really like the look of the hedge; it balances out the green in the topiary trees.  I may put a low picket type fence around the front corner, where the hydrant is now.  I'm also considering a street lamp, or a bird bath. The hydrant isn't glued on so it's not permanent.
Mini patio with hedge and topiary trees
 I'd love to shrink myself down and sit on that bench to read.  It looks so peaceful.

I am loving this, can you tell? Hope you're enjoying the journey with me.

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