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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Simple Mini Plants, Trays, Coffee and Hot Water Dispenser.

I'm on a roll with these minis and am seriously addicted.    I made these super simple plants out of a dollar store plant and dollar store beads.  I just pulled off bits of the plant and glued them into the beads. I'm going to have to find some pretty beads, just to use as vases, lol.  These will do for now; they're cute and the colors fit this shop.
Simple mini plants and trays
 I painted the mini plastic trays silver.  They were actually the clear plastic divider that my other beads had, separating the compartments, and I cut them out to look like trays and used a bit of silver nail polish. 
Mini Water and Coffee dispensers
 The green plant in the above photo is just one of the leaves from the dollar store plant.  The vase is a lid from glue or a marker; can't remember.  The water is clear glue.  I wanted it to be like one of those bamboo plants that grows in water.

The red and silver thing is my water dispenser.  I painted a mini chapstick with nail polish and glued on beads and wire.  The big gold and silver thing is my coffee dispenser, lol. Same deal with the beads and wire.  No tutorial; I came up with those on my own.
Mini store counter from dollar tree dresser
My upside down and backward dollar store dresser makes a marvelous sales counter, with room for the cash register, napkins, trays, and paper plates.

I'm having so much fun.  I glued some of the food in the cake display stand and plan on gluing the rest of the stuff onto the bookcase later.  I have to go have supper now.  Pizza; yum!

Hope you are having a nice day.

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