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Monday, April 4, 2016

Miniature dollhouse Paper Plates

I bought a 1 inch paper punch on sale at Michaels yesterday and went a little wild with it today, lol. Here is my first paper plate full of paper plates ;-).  I learned about this technique on Youtube .
Paper plate full of tiny paper plates
 I had a blast with my new paper punch and will have to go get more; they were on sale at Michael's.  I bought the scalloped edge kind, but I didn't get the one inch circle because I've already ordered one on ebay and was waiting for it to come in.  Michaels sale was better than ebay though, and I'd like a smaller size for dessert plates and saucers.
Computer paper plates
 The blue and white plates were printed on my computer.  I found the image online, used my word processor to resize the images, and printed them out, then cut them out with my paper punch.
 I used a nickel to make the folded edges.
 I thought I used clear nail polish but after the second coat, realized I was using that super dry stuff that is normally used to make nailpolish dry quicker.  It made the paper translucent so the design shows through on the back, and it stiffened the paper nicely so it doesn't feel like paper but more substantial.

 The colored plates were cut from packaging (the paper punch packaging included, lol)  These made firmer, sturdier plates but were harder to bend the edges.  I used clear mod podge to make them shiny.

I tried using mod podge on the compuer paper but it didn't work out.  It made the bent edges straighten again and it made the paper too flimsy.  The Super Dry worked much better on computer paper.  I didn't try the super dry on the card stock-like plates because I hate the smell. I would have used mod podge everywhere if it would have worked.

Sadie loves her new selection of plates, and chose this one below as her favorite.

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