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Monday, April 11, 2016

Fun With Youtube

I didn't post yesterday because I had to take my Dad to the emergency department.  He's OK, just tummy problems, but we were there for hours and hours, and then had to go to the all night pharmacy and wait some more. 

I spend a lot of time watching mini tutorials on Youtube and wanted to share some of my favorites. Most I love for their techniques, but this one lady, who's Youtube channel is called GardenOfImagination,  makes me smile because she uses a Star Trek action figure, Mr. Spock, to showcase her things.  She has great tips and tutorials, but I think my favorite part of her videos is the inclusion of Mr. Spock, lol.
In her dollhouse tour, she even includes Spock's phaser, right on the table next to to a case of coke, lol.  You can check it out here.

Another Youtuber I love has a channel called MyFroggyStuff.  She's the reason I started actually making miniatures instead of just watching videos and being to afraid to try.  She has amazing videos, showing how to make great dollhouses, stores, mini items, and more, in various scales, but mostly playscale.  It's easy to adapt her techniques for 1:12 scale.
You can find her channel here.

The Youtube channel SugarCharmShop is one of my favorites.  This gal is a true artist and not only makes spectacular minis that are so realistic you'd swear they were real...she shows us how to do them too. You can find her channel here.

Other channels I love include joannesminis, Maive Ferrando, Heather Wells,
and Akemeru Kawaii  , to name a few. 

I can lose hours just watching these inspirational and fun mini videos. 
Who are your favorite mini Youtubers?

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