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Monday, April 18, 2016

Simple Mini Trellis and Bench

I wanted a trellis and bench for my outdoor patio and ended up making these.
Mini trellis and bench
 I watched a nice tutorial on Youtube for the bench but I changed it because I didn't have the right materials for the supports for hers.  I just sort of winged it using the stuff I had on hand. 
If you do have the right materials though, I'd say follow Joanne's minis advice here.
It's a great tutorial and Joanne's bench is adorable. I used Jumbo craft sticks for my seat area, some wood from Michael's for the legs, and  thin craft sticks for my supports.
Mini trellis and bench
 For the trellis, I used thin craft sticks and thin dowels.  I made it to look like the trellises I had at my old house...16 of them, lol.  Mine were taller (in scale, these are 4 inches so 4 feet; my real ones were 6 feet at the tallest, but 6 inches didn't look right to me here).
Mini patio in progress
 The bench and trellis aren't glued in.  My new mini friend, Alicia told me to wire the trellis and add the flowers to it first.  Great advice.  I'm so lucky to have someone in town who loves minis and has experience. 
Mini patio in progress
 Sophie, Michelle, and Rufus are enjoying the new patio furniture.  I think Rufus is wondering where his fire hydrant went ;-).
 In the above photo I moved things over to see if there would be room for a hedge  behind the bench.  I may try that, or else make another trellis, like this, below:
Add caption
I think that looks pretty sweet. What do you think?
The hedge may look nice too; I already made it; I'm waiting for the glue to dry. 

Mini bench and trellis
 Here are some photos of the simple bench and trellis.  I purposefully used uneven wood for the bench so it would look more realistic.  In the photo below you can see what I did for leg supports. I glued the legs in place first, then added craft sicks on either side of them. I put a LOT of paint in between the space to add extra strength. Hopefully it will work.
Mini bench and trellis
I'm going to go see if the glue on my hedge has dried so I can see if I like it or not.  Take care.

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