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Friday, April 8, 2016

Mini Newspapers

Ms. Sadie A. Doll made the front page!  Read all about her upcoming shop opening in the Miniville Daily News.
In the (Miniature) News
Sadie is thrilled that she made the front page, and insisted on reading her articles in the exact spot where the news photo was taken.

Poor Rufus is upset because his photo was cropped out and placed waaay at the bottom, where no one would see it.

Sadie explained that people would know all about Rufus because the paper had printed her "Pets welcome on the outdoor patio" policy.  Speaking of that, she put in an order for pet dishes so pets can be served sparkling clear water along with their handmade treats.

Mini newspapers
 Speaking of handmade, it was nice to have something bigger to work with today.  My eyes and my fingers were equally grateful for the larger newspapers after working on those tiny cookies yesterday.  I didn't even need a magnifying glass.

I admit that I actually wrote several news articles for The Miniville Daily News front page.  I found a free template for microsoft word online here.
 After I downloaded it I opened it in word and edited it so I could add photos.  I also "interviewed" Sadie for another newspaper using a free template I found online, but that only let me save a PDF and I didn't know how to resize a PDF.  I tried saving it as a microsoft word document, but it tried to get me to buy a subscription to do that so I let that one go. 
Miniville Daily News

I followed this tutorial
for putting the newspapers together.  I did 3 layers of mod podge, plus sealed the paper with spray fixative before mod podging.   

Sadie announced that 1:40 AM is much too late for us to be working, so she told me to get to bed.  It looks like she followed her own advice.

Hope you all have a good night.  Take care, and thanks for joining me on my descent into mini madness :-).

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