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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Mini Plates and Pie!

I'm having too much fun, lol.  I made more mini plates, but this time I used clear nail polish instead of the quick dry stuff that I accidentally used yesterday.
Miniature plates
 Here they are, with my hand in the frame to show how small these dinner plates really are.
Miniature plates
 The clear nail polish gave the plates a lovely sheen.  In the photo below, the nail polish is on the plate on the right (3 coats, front and back).  The one on the left is with the Quick Dry stuff, which looks like clear polish but is not, lol.  When I compared the two, I found the quick dry stuff gave it a stiffer finish, and it looks like a disposable paper plate.  Both polishes made the plates translucent, but the clear nail polish made it almost transparent, and the design on the plate shows through clearly on the back.
Mini plate on left coated with quick dry, plate on right with clear nail polish.
 Here's some mini baked goods on a plate.
 And last but not least, pie and pie crusts.  I goofed up on the blueberry pie because I was in a hurry to finish because I had to clear the table for dinner.  I forgot to go over-under on the lattice.  It's my own fault as I don't make lattice pies in real life and haven't seen one in ages; I forgot they are supposed to be woven and not just lain over  eachother.  I dusted the bottle caps with baby powder so the pie and pie crusts are easily removed.  I just have to paint the bottoms. 
Mini pie and pie crusts
I'm not used to coloring with chalk pastels; it's messy and will take some getting used to.  I did the liquid sculpey added to some blue and purple grated chalk pastel to get the filling. I also took the time to make a bunch of little blue balls for the blueberries, which was silly as blueberries get squished in pie anyway.

Next I'd like to try a pie with a piece cut out. It took me so long to make the blueberry pie I didn't dare cut it in case I ruined it, lol. 

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