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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I'm having such a blast making mini baked goods.  Today, chocolate chip cookies are on the menu.
Miniature polymer clay chocolate chip cookies.
These were super easy but soooo time consuming.

Mini chocolate chips for 1:12 inch scale dolls
 Sadie is very happy with these cookies; they fit perfectly in her tiny hand (with the help of some unbaked polymer clay to hold it in place, lol.
Mini chocolate chips next to real cookie
I even grabbed a real cookie to show scale.  I only had Maria cookies here.  Heaven forbid I bake real cookies for me, lol.

I followed a great tutorial on youtube to make these cookies.  It's by SugarCharmShop.  She has the BEST tutorials.  I'm just starting out so my things aren't as nice as hers, as she is a gifted artist, but I'm learning, and having a blast. 
Mini chocolate chips from baked polymer log
I baked a thin polymer log, as per the tutorial, and then chopped it up into chocolate chips and chunks.  This was hard to do as I overbaked the polymer clay.  I had to use a magnifying glass and reading glasses, lol.
Then I mixed the polymer clay with the chips.
I used Sadie's hand as a guide to get the right size cookies.
Then I rolled a log, chopped cookies off, and shaped them. Then I used a toothbrush, foil, and a pin to add texture and details.  The video in the link above explains this much better.
Lots of polymer clay cookies
I broke one cookie apart, as though someone was eating it, and I left a little roll and one slice in case I want to do a baking scene with Sadie.  I didn't paint or texture the roll and slice so they look unbaked (even though they're baked, lol).

I don't know what I like better, watching videos of mini tutorials, searching google and Pinterest for ideas, or making things.   These simple cookies took almost 3 hours, including baking time and photography.  I can make real cookies in half an hour...and now, I really want cookies . Sadie offered me hers, but it's really not the same ;-).


  1. Hello Sadie! Your cookies look simply scrumptious! I found your blog somehow; I can never remember how exactly I run into these things online. I am enjoying the posts very much. I had to leave at least one comment to let you know. I adore miniatures and I have a doll collection.

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