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Monday, April 11, 2016

Mini Napoleon Pastries and Mini Books

Napoleons!  I love them, and when I saw  this  tutorial on Youtube, I had to try it!
Miniature Napoleons and books
These look so simple to make but were actually very fiddly.  It would be easier if I had one of those long straight cutters that look like metal rulers that everyone has, that or a little rectangular cut out.  I had to cut my rectangles myself and it is not easy to get them to match, even when I stacked them.  I think next time I try them I'll do it differently and do a big sheet of dough color, followed by the filling, dough, filling, dough, and then cut them after they're stacked.   I guess I should have said I'll layer them before cutting them, lol. That sounds better.

I made the books the other day, and they look so sweet in this scene.

 My white icing isn't white enough; I'd like it whiter so I guess I should have added more white chalk pastel to the Liquid Sculpey.  I used a  toothpick to spread the white "icing", and a sewing pin to do the chocolate lines.  One of my chocolate lines seems to have spread while baking, or maybe I smudged it when I put it in the oven?  I'm not sure.
 Here's a photo to show the size of the treats. 
 The look nice on my button cake stand, lol  I used the sewing pin to give texture to the pastry layer, and a dotting tool to do the custard layer.  I need more practice with the dotting tool.
Sadie is happy with her new cookbooks, and she says the Napoleons are delicious.

I also made these two handles for my sewing needle and my sewing pin, so they'll be easier to hold.  I used scrap clay that I cut from the sides of the Napoleons and just held them so they were comfy so they're not pretty, but they're made exactly for my grip, lol.  I put a bit of liquid sculpey at the base to help hold them in place after they're baked, and it pooled at the bottom while it baked, but that's OK.

That's it for today.  My little dog Benji is whining for his 8 PM treat (he does this every night at  8 on the dot, lol.
Take care.

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