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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mini Plant Pots

Dollhouse miniature plant pots
There plant pots were sooo much fun to make!  I want to make loads more, just because I enjoyed making them so much, lol.  They weren't even on my radar until I started working on some mini flowers yesterday and realized I needed some pots or planters to put them in. 

I searched google and Youtube for instructional videos and found lots, but I had an idea of how I wanted the pots to look and none of them were quite right, until I found the PERFECT tutorial that exactly matched what I had in mind.  It's on the Youtube channel called We Love Miniatures, and you can find it here.

I used this  website to make templates for the pots in various sizes.
Here's a copy of my extra large pot, which I plan to use for topiary trees.
Extra large mini plant pot template

 I also found some templates on a blog called is Amber's House.  I tried to subscribe because it's a great blog but it wouldn't let me subscribe and asked me to try again later.  You can find it here. 

First I printed a bunch of templates on regular computer paper, then I cut them out and rolled them up and glued them to see what the sizes actually looked like next to my doll and shop.  Then I chose my favorite sizes and used them to trace the pattern onto card stock.  I made the pots out of card stock and added the rim and bottoms as per the video.  Then I painted them using brown and gold craft paints side by side, so that I could dip a flat brush in both colors at once, so I could paint a variegated pattern.
I didn't get a great photo of them because the sun was in the back ground, but they did have two tones in the above photo. 

I didn't have the powdered grout that was used in the pot tutorial, and thought I could use baby powder or baking soda instead to make a thickener for the clay layers.  I did equal parts baby powder, white glue, and a bit of paint, enough to give it color but still leave it thick.  I made three of these thicker washes, in white, brown and gold mixed, and green.

I didn't follow the video exactly.  First I gave it a wash with the white texture mix.  In the picture below you can see some have the white wash, and others don't.  I also didn't bother with the drain holes because my pots will be glued to the base and the bottoms won't be seen at all.
After the white texture wash dried, I went over them all again with the brown/gold wash.  Then I added a bit of the green wash, to simulate moss stains.  I used a stiff brush and pounced or dabbed the last three layers over again until I was happy with them.

Miniature "clay" plant pots in various sizes

Mini "clay" plant pots

Sadie is happy with them.  She's excited about getting some flowers and topiary trees for the outdoor patio.  She also wants a bench seat ;-).

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