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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Miniature Curtains, Cash Register Stand, and Furniture Placement

My little foamcore doll shop is coming along!  Last night I glued in the shelf unit and the little table, and added curtains.  I put little foam corner decorations on the top of the shelf unit and they were perfectly even when I glued them on but I noticed they've shifted a bit.  I guess I squished them when I put them on and they became unsquished, lol.  Next time I'll use card stock.  Live and learn :-).

 Sadie LOVES her curtains, and was so busy rearranging things and decorating that she brought her little daughter, Michelle, to help. 
 The cash register counter was made from one of the dollar tree dressers I bought the other day.  I turned it upside down and backward, lol, and decopaged it with mod podge, a card I designed to use as the store name, and bits of tissue paper.  I'm happy with the way it came out.  I used two of the little legs to hold miniature napkins in place. 
Dollar tree miniature dresser turned upside down and backward and mod podged into a counter, lol.
Foam core mini bake shop in progress.

Foam core mini dollhouse cake shop in progress

I'm loving this little shop, and my favorite part is learning how to take every day or found or dollar store items and turning them into minis.

So far I've learned that dollar store foam core sheets make great structures.  Scrap book paper makes great wallpaper.  Buttons make great clocks and cake trays.  Mod podge is wonderful.  Cutting and folding printables is frustrating.  Ribbon, dowel, and lace make cute curtains.  Popsicle sticks make great shelf units.  Buttons make good doorknobs.  Beads make great computer monitor stands. My printer eats ink like it's starving. Cereal boxes can be cut and glued into layers to simulate thin wood.  Scissors get dull too quickly.  I have more glues than I ever thought I would. There is no such thing as a cheap dollhouse. And last but not least; I still like playing with dolls, lol. 

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