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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Found Item and Minis in the Mail!

Hello, hope you are having a good day.  I'm having a great day!  I was down the basement looking through my Dad's workshop and found two of these little tins.  They're just over an inch long and the lids slide on and off.  Well, this one does; the other is rusted closed.

 I asked my Dad what they were for, and he said he used to use them in his lighter.  I guess that was back before the disposable Bic lighters, lol.  When we opened this one, there were two tiny flints and a pile of dirt that must have been the others; they somehow disintegrated.
 This would make a great cookie tin for my bake shop, but it would also be cool to use it in a survival dollhouse scene, as flints that are used to start fires.  I'd love to do a survival scene...maybe a prepper's basement, or a zombie apocalypse, lol.  That would be fun!
 Sadie likes the little tin; it's just the right size for her.
 Yesterday this package was delivered from China.  I was so excited to open it because I knew it had to be my little pet shop kit.
 I opened it, and yes, it was!
 The wood storefront and box back is great quality wood, not like that thin stuff in my Laurel dollhouse kit.  There are little packets containing everything I'll need to make this kit, including wiring and lighting.  I'm going to start this next, after I finish my bake shop.  I'm a bit worried that the parts will be too small as it's not 1:12 scale, but half scale.  I love that all the bits are included in the kit; I don't have to scramble the way I'm doing for my cake shop (I spent way too much buying craft supplies to make my "cheap" foam core cake shop, lol).  If I can manage the small pieces, I'll do more of these kits from China. There are so many on Ebay that I just love, and the prices are great.
 This hole punch also arrived in the mail.  It's not as nice as the one I bought at Michael's last week, but Michael's didn't have the round 1 inch punch so I ordered this from Ebay.
 I also ordered this little purple plate punch.  I had no idea it was a home made item.  I kind of wish I'd known because I probably wouldn't have purchased it.  It's cute, and a great idea, but the little inner circle isn't completely round and it's very hard to turn it so the pieces will fit together.  I have to find the rough edges on both pieces and line them up.  I'll put some nail polish to show where the rough edges are so I can line them up more easily.  Maybe my Dad can file it down, or maybe I can...I do have a tiny electric sander.
 Below are the plates it can make.  The top plate is the one the punch came with, and the bottom two are the ones I tried to make.  I would get a callous if I used it the way it is because the rough edges catch.
 I also broke one of my little bead cases.  You know, those little cases of beads from the dollar store?  I didn't throw it away as the bigger piece would make a nice display shelf if I can figure out how to cut off the parts where they used to be attached by hinges. 
 I was thrilled to see there was an inner plastic thingy that I could easily cut up to use as trays for my bake shop display stand.
I cut them out and stacked them up; in the above photo there are two stacks of 4 trays.  I am so pleased with them, lol.

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