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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Huge Dollar Store Haul

I went to the Dollar Tree to buy shears to see if they work better than scissors at cutting craft sticks, and went a little crazy, lol.

I was thrilled to find our Dollar Tree FINALLY had some dollhouse furniture.  I kept hearing about how I could find minis at the Dollar Tree but we never had any here...until now.
Dollar tree furniture

 I bought every item they had, lol, and ended up with what you see here.  I thought the table was a dining table but it is too short, so maybe it's a big coffee table?

Sadie likes it anyway, lol.  She's very happy to have furniture that is not made from cardstock or craft sticks :-).

 I don't know if you can see, but this dresser above was cut weird...the lines aren't straight at all.
 The little legs on this chest of drawers were glued on crooked.  Sadie and I tried to pull them off to reglue them but they're really stuck on.  I think I may just paint this one and use it upside down in a bedroom scene, with the little legs painted to look like nail polish bottles or perfume bottles. They also sort of look like little baby bottles.
 I found these great little scrapbook paper books.  I've seen these at Michaels for a lot more than $1.25. 
 This would make great wallpaper for a focal point wall.  There are 6 sheets in each design.
 Here are the shears, scissors, and a hacksaw.  They're the reason I went to the dollar store. 
 I bought one of these little storage containers above to store my minis and it's already full so I bought two more. 
 I found a lightweight level for use with my Laurel kit, some glue, more little storage containers, and some candles just because I want the tin around them, lol.
 I bought these stencils hoping they'd be useful for polymer clay.

 And these dough cutters.

 Sadie likes the butterfly and thinks it would make a nice summertime cake.
 I grabbed a bunch of these baby toys in hopes that they could be used as clay cutters.  I had to buy all three because I wanted the circle from one, the square from another, and the oval from the third., lol.
 I am going to try using the square cutter to make brownies.
I also bought some tissue paper with tiny patterns on it, to use as cupcake wrappers, some glass things that look like cabachons but are not (I can't believe they were at the dollar tree when I paid full price for them at Michaels the other day).  I also picked up some baby rattle notions and a little flashlight.  I am going to try to hang the flashlight so the light shows but the flashlight does not, lol. 
Mini bowls
I saw a youtube video showing how to turn these little rattles into bowls.  You can view it here.
I used the new shears to cut them apart and ended up with these two cute bowls, which need to be sanded.
Sadie is thrilled with them!  I like them too!


  1. I have lots of those wooden furniture pieces. That is a great idea to turn the upside down. Boy, am I getting ideas!

    1. Can you believe it's the first time we've had them here? I did end up using one of the dressers upside down for my cake shop. It's perfect because the little feet make a great napkin holder if you put the napkins between two of them. I just made up some cash registers from printies and they both fit nicely; I just have to decide which to use. I am seriously addicted to miniatures now, lol.

  2. I found that it is helpful to cut around the glue with a utility knife then you can pop the legs off using pliers. I sanded them down evenly and then glued them on straight. For another one, I replaced the legs with small round wooden beads (also from the Dollar Tree). I hadn't thought of turning it upside down but I can see sanding the feet so that they are level and adding a shelf. I am reworking several of these pieces for a 7 room doll house.