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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dog Stroller

Well,  I've been feeling guilty that my dogs can't walk with my any more.  Benji is almost 16 and is just too old (and blind), and poor Mac has IVDD  (disc disease) that is acting up again after being OK for 4 years. I've been sneaking out for walks late at night so the dogs won't notice, but Mac always wakes up and lies in front of the door, waiting for me to come home.  He looks so sad that he can't come with me for now, so I researched pet strollers and ordered this beautiful blue stroller today!
Pet Gear Expedition Extra Large Stroller
I am so excited; it is huge, made for dogs up to 150 pounds.  Mac only weighs 53 pounds, but he is tall and long, so he'll need the space.  I'm hoping both Mac and little Ben, who is a tiny toy poodle, will fit in this thing together.

I did a lot of research on pet strollers before deciding on this one.  There were some 3 wheel strollers that also convert into bike trailers that looked wonderful, with big air filled wheels and suspension, but the reviews all said they were tippy, and the last thing Mac needs is to be tipped over.

I decided on the Pet Gear Expedition because it had the largest interior dimensions of any stroller I could find online.  Others were larger, but only on the outside.  Plus, 4 wheels make it sturdier; not one review said it tipped; they all said it is sturdy.  Some complained that it was made up of cheap parts, but most of the reviews were positive (I read hundreds of reviews on several different sites).

I found a great deal on this stroller at chewy.com.
I added the link with the sale price that I paid, but I'm not sure how long it will last, so I'm sorry if you're reading this in the future and the sale is over.  
I paid $146.62 US for the stroller, marked down from $189.99. 
Walmart has the same stroller for just under $200 US dollars.
I'm Canadian and our dollar sucks right now so I was thrilled to find the stroller on sale at chewy.com.
They don't ship to Canada but I live on the border and have a US address that I can use, so it's not a big deal.  Plus shipping is free in the US...we NEVER get free shipping in Canada.  Ever, lol.

I am very excited for this to arrive.  A guy from Chewys.com phoned me and said it will probably ship out tomorrow.  My parents are going out of town from Friday until Monday so my Dad won't be able to pick it up until he gets back, so hopefully it won't arrive before he gets home.  I have to renew my driver's license next month and am going to get the kind that allows me to travel to the US without a passport, so I won't have to bug my Dad.  Not that he minds; he likes to go to the casino when he's over there, lol. He also goes over quiet often to gas up his truck; US gas prices are way better than Canadian.

I hope Mac and Ben will like the stroller.  I think they will, once they get used to it.

I have been so busy with doctor, dentist, eye doctor appointments, asthma specialists, allergy tests, and vet visits that I haven't been able to work on my minis for awhile, and I really miss it.  I hope I will have time soon as I'm going into mini-making withdrawal, lol.

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