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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mini Hassock for Pet Shop DIY kit

I've been going through mini making withdrawal so I decided I'd better continue on with my mini DIY Pet Shop kit from China.  I'm already on Bag number 3; the last bag (see contents below).

Bag 3 of Pet Shop DIY kit
 Here's a close up of the contents:  various bits of fabric, thread, wood pieces, lights, wiring, beads, ribbon, and round metal things (can't think what they're called).  Also cut wood pieces to make a cat scratching post stand, and two round wooden pieces to make what they call a sofa but what we would call a hassock or ottoman.
Bag 3 contents
 The instructions say to start with the "sofa" (aka hassock or foot stool) so that is what I did.  I pulled out the two round wood pieces, some corrugated cardboard from Bag 2, the piece of red felt, and the 3 black beads and put them aside.
 Next I measured the corrugated cardboard and cut it according to directions.

 Then I rolled the cardboard around  the edge of one round piece of wood, and glued it in place.  I left some room for the cardboard to overlap a bit, glued it, and put a clip on it until it dried.
 The next step said to glue the second round wood piece on top, so I did that.  It's starting to take shape and looks very cute.
 Then I cut out a paper circle to match the wood circle, traced it onto the red felt, and cut that out.  I also cut a long strip of red felt to glue along the side of the hassock.
 After the felt was glued in place firmly, I tipped the hassock over and added black beads for the feet.
Adding bead feet to the hassock
 And here it is; a simple but cute hassock.
Completed mini hassock

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