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Monday, May 23, 2016

More Mini Cheese Boards, lol

These things are addictive!
Miniature cheese boards in 1:12 scale
  I had to make another cheese board so my smoked Swiss cheese would have somewhere to go. I tried a brown marble this time, and made it curved on one end, with a hole for hanging it up when empty. Considering the cheeses and crackers are stuck on with liquid sculpey, that will never happen.

Miniature cheese board in 1:12 scale

I also made a little bowl of olives, and some olives. I tried black, green, and Kalamata olives.  The bowl was super easy to make; I just rolled a small ball of clay and used a large dotting tool to make the indentation for the inside.
Mini cheese tray with olives
I made some apples...or tried to, lol.  I added them to the big cheese board, along with a slice of smoked Swiss cheese.  Other than that, this board is the same as it was yesterday; I just glued everything in place with liquid Sculpey today.
Mini cheese board
Mini cheese boards with real life hotdog bun
 I misplaced my penny so I put a bun in with the cheeseboards, to show scale. It's quite a small hotdog bun so I took another photo, with my finger, to show scale. 
Mini cheese board with finger to show scale
I had a blast and would love to make even more of these, with some salami next time, lol.
Why are minis soooo very addictive? 

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