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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul

I got lucky today...mini-lucky, that is, lol.
My prescription eyeglasses were (finally) ready today so I went to pick them up.  I could see so much more clearly with my new glasses, but it was an adjustment as I suddenly felt so much taller that I got dizzy trying to walk.  So I decided to go to the Dollar Tree, which was just across the hall from the eyeglass store.  And look what they had in stock!
Dollar Tree Haul!
I bought 4 chairs, two coffee tables, 3 side tables, 2 dressers, 2 chests of drawers, and what I thought were 2 beds but they're either toddler beds or large seats...I put Sadie on one to show scale.

Dollar tree furniture
 The other furniture is the right scale so I guess those beds are for children or toddlers.  I'll have to check.
New crafting glasses and eyeglass necklaces
 I used to have two pairs of glasses, one that I kept in the truck, and one in the house. Both were for distance.  This time I needed to either get bifocals or two separate prescriptions; one for distance and one for reading/crafts.  I wanted to use my old frames so I needed some way to tell the glasses apart so I wouldn't accidentally drive while wearing my reading glasses.  Luckily for me, one of my frames has rhinestones so I designated those the craft glasses.  I found a variety of eyeglass necklaces at the dollar tree and bought a bunch.  I put the ones that match my frames (not in the photo) on my distance glasses, and the purple ones on my craft glasses.  I can swap the other colors out on my distance glasses depending on what I wear.  I thought they were fun.
My craft glasses

 I like the purple necklace on my craft glasses, lol.  The eyeglass necklaces are so convenient.  I love that I can take my glasses off and have them hanging around my neck; that way I don't misplace them all of the time.
 It rained quite heavily today, and just after I took the photos of my haul, my Dad told me to look outside at the rainbow.  I managed to get a photo before it faded.  Then I turned around and looked out the front door and saw this amazing sunset, so I snapped another photo.  After that i went for a walk, but it started to rain again so I cut it short.
Hope you all had a lovely day!

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