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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mini Cat Climbing Tree with Scratch Post and Bowl

I made this cute little cat tree, from my Pet Shop kit from China.
Miniature cat tree with scratching post and toy, 1:24 scale
Isn't it cute?  All of the wood pieces, the legs, bead, and green felt were provided in the kit, along with instructions.

Instructions for mini cat tree
 I don't know if you can tell, but the wood pieces for this item are nice and sturdy; great quality.
Wood parts for mini cat tree
 I glued the pieces together with Alene's Tacky Glue, Quick Grab.
Assembling mini cat tree
The scratch posts are tiny lengths of toothpick or skewer-type wood, wrapped with unraveled rafia type paper.
Making the scratch posts
 The base was just a piece of felt but I found it wasn't sturdy enough that way so I added a piece of cereal box cardboard onto the back.
The base

 After the parts have been glued and allowed to dry, they were glued together.
Pieces of mini cat tree ready for assembly
 I also made a simple pet dish, using a length of corrugated cardboard glued around a cut out circle of cardboard.  The instructions said to use a circle of paper but I wanted it sturdier.
Simple cardboard pet dish
 The cat toy is just a bead glued to a bit of the rafia paper, which I rolled in my fingers to make thinner.
Finished cat tree
Here it is; the glue is still wet in this picture.  I think a mini cat would like this, don't you?

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