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Monday, May 2, 2016

My Bake Shop and Patio are Now Complete; Woohoo!

I can't believe I'm finished.  How exciting, and sad, at the same time, lol.  Here it is!
Bake shop exterior, back
 I am really happy with the way the window box turned out.  The Cupcake Lovers Parking Only Sign looks great, and so does the Coffee sign.  I'm not as pleased with my Store sign; I should have made it with more colors.

 It was dark when I took these photos so I couldn't get a shot of the interior through the window.
Back of mini bake shop
 Sadie, Michelle, and Rufus are very happy with their finished shop.  Rufus is stopping to smell the flowers.
Mini bake shop outdoor patio
 I think the patio section is my favorite part.  I made some cushions for the chairs last night; they were my final minis for this project, and I procrastinated like crazy on the last pillow because I didn't want it to be over, lol.  I also put an extra pillow on the bench, and a folded up newspaper on the pillow.  I added some signs too.  I left room to maybe add a bird feeder or bird house later, lol.
Mini Bake Shop outdoor patio
 The dolls are relaxing on the patio after working hard giving me orders for over a month now, lol.
Mini Bake Shop
 Poor Rufus; I forgot to make his dog dish.  See, maybe I'm not finished after all, lol :-).
Mini Bake Shop Interior
 Michelle is stealing some chocolate chip cookies while her Mum is busy waiting for guests.
Mini bake shop interior
Mini bake shop interior
Thank you for joining me throughout this project.  I know I was kind of obsessed with it, lol, so thanks for putting up with my sometimes 3 posts a day :-).  Take care.