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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mini Paper Punches

I ordered a lot of paper punches off of  Etsy back when I was working on my Bake Shop, and they arrived from India, finally, lol.
My package from India
 They were nicely packaged in a padded brown envelope. 
A lot of paper punches
 I was so excited to see this, lol.  I removed the bubble wrap and found yet another bag, lol.  I opened that, and sorted through the various punches.  I knew that I'd be getting some doubles but for the price (10 Canadian) but I was thrilled with what I got.
And yet another bag, lol
 Here they are in a pile, finally out of the bag(s).
 Here they are sorted by shape.  As you can see below,  I got 5 different punches, with some repeats.
Paper Punches
There were 10 punches in total, with 1 Daisy punch, 2 Clover punches, 3 Oak leaf punches, 3 regular leaf punches, and 1 Holly leaf punch. 

In the photo below, you can see one of each punch.  I chose one of each color for my set.

Set of miniature craft punches
 I ordered them because I wanted leaf punches for making miniature flowers.  I made mini roses, delphiniums, and petunias for my bake shop patio, and cutting the leaves was a nightmare.  I used a heart shaped punch for the leaves and it just didn't look right.  I can't wait to make more flowers now that I have these lovely leaf punches.
Testing the mini craft punches
 I grabbed a bit of construction paper from my recycling and tested them out; they work great!  Below you can see them displayed on a dollar store 1:12 scale coffee table.
Cut outs made with paper punches
 I went into my craft bin and pulled out all of my miniature craft punches;  with the addition of the 5 new ones, I have quite a lot now.   The two in the center of the pic below (pink scallop edged circle and green plain circle) were bought at the dollar store.  I looked for months and they never have any other shapes in stock, and seldom have these ones, so I was lucky finding these.

I also have these big paper punches, so I have quite enough now.  The big white ones were on sale for 40 or 50 percent off at Michael;s when I bought them, so all in all, I got great deals on my craft punches. 

I can't wait to make more flowers now that I have the leaf punches, but first I need to finish my pet shop.

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