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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mini Pet Shop contents: pillows, collars, books, dog bed

I've been busy making these teeny tiny items for my pet shop.
Mini DIY pet shop kit items

The tiny collars are so cute.  They're just strips of felt with little buttons glued on, and the silver part is a silver twist tie (like for tying up garbage bags).  The books have pages, but they're blank, lol. So tiny!  I wanted to get a photo with a coin to show size but the battery on my camera died so it's recharging now.

The white pillow is just three layers of felt, cut in bone shapes and glued together.  The blue pillow is an actual pillow that I sewed and stuffed, with a felt dog paw applique glued on.  The dog bed is ingenious; it's just a printable rectangular box, with strips of rafia paper glued on in the round, so it looks like a basket.  Then a bit of cloth was glued inside.  The dog came with the kit.

DIY mini pet shop kit
So this is what I have done so far.  I have to glue the shelves into the store, and then I can start gluing the items down.  I still have some of bag B to finish, and then I can start on bag C, the final bag.  Then I'll get my Dad to do the wiring for the lighting, lol, and it will be done!  It will still take quite awhile as the tiny items that go inside are very fiddly and time consuming.  I'm enjoying making the items a lot more than I enjoyed making the shop itself.

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